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Complete Management - Administrative economic management

  • Appointment of an official Asemar, Administraciones y Servicios, S.L. representative to your building: We provide customized management services.
  • Creation of a programme of actions for the financial year: We prepare a technical and administrative action plan, based on preventive maintenance reports and our periodic visits to provide for the supervision and control of building services and installations.
  • Meters: Our employees can be relied on to take readings of heating, gas, hot water and cold water meters in the event that buildings have not hired any employee for this purpose.
  • Building visits: Our Asemar, Administraciones y Servicios, S.L. employees will make periodic visits to your building .
  • Repair works: Coordination of the requested estimates. Comparison of price/quality relationships. Verification of industrialists' references. If appropriate, we process claims to your insurance company. We coordinate the professionals performing all kinds of works and services.
  • Supply: For communities with centralized gas/oil heating systems, we negotiate and process the supply of fuel, obtaining significant discounts which eventually offset the fees of the Property Manager.
  • Creation of new communities: For newly constructed buildings or buildings converted to horizontal property (legalization of the Books of Meeting Minutes, N.I.F - tax identification number.), drafting of Community Statutes. Study and preparation of the Community Statutes and their subsequent compulsory legalization, in accordance with the Community's particular needs and specifications.
  • Preparation and follow-up of a budget: An expenditure and income budget in accordance with an accounting plan. Processing and collection of assessment fees at no cost whatsoever to the communities, as a result of agreements entered into with certain banking institutions. Quarterly budget reports detailing deviations. Financial statements.
  • Annual Accounts and proposal of the upcoming year's budget: Presentation of the annual accounts and comparison with the finalized budget for the year: collections, payments, balance and list of owners with outstanding debts.
  • Expenses are settled by applying the Community's STATUTES and apportioning expenses among the different groups in accordance with assessment quotas corresponding to the property owned (building, units, commercial premises and garages).
  • Real time accounting: Immediate information with respect to the Community's account balances.
  • General Community Meetings: Notice of, leading, and record of minutes of ordinary and extraordinary meetings. Implementation and compliance with the meetings' resolutions. Provision of detailed information to the President with respect to actions taken.
  • Control of bad debts: Supply of quarterly information to the President with respect to the follow-up and control of Community debtors.
  • Legal advisory services: Legal advice on all matters related to the Spanish Horizontal Property Act, unpaid debts, construction defects, Meeting resolutions, and claims by unit owners.
  • Labour advisory services: Monthly preparation of the payroll and social security forms TC-1 and TC-2. Preparation and processing of contracts, employee registrations and de-registrations and taxes (Tax return forms 110 and 190). Payment of salaries and the study and processing of subsidies, if required. Study and comparison of the costs of hiring employees depending on different professional categories, and whether service companies and temporary work agencies are relied upon.
  • Community of Property Owner's Insurance: Exhaustive analysis and constant update of the capital and risk insured by the insurance policy and its cost in comparison with those offered by competitors. Processing and follow-up of building insurance claims.
  • Records: Records of documentation from previous years, in addition to the keeping of Minute Books, contracts and agreements, and other Community documentation.
  • Tax management: Payment of local and other taxes and fees.
  • Direct Asemar, Administraciones y Servicios, S.L. post box: Where you can deposits correspondence addressed to the representative appointed to the Community or the Property Manager. You may also contact us by fax or computer, and by E-MAIL.

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