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Complete Management - How we developed this new concept?

From an analysis of the following circumstances, we developed a new concept for the Management of Communities.
  • Until now, the management of Communities of Property Owners has tended to be of a strictly accounting nature, lacking an integrated approach .

  • Traditionally, property managers have taken charge of administrative and economic matters without assuming responsibility for property maintenance .

  • Likewise, logically, the companies responsible for maintenance have not been in charge of the administrative and economic management of the Community.

  • Problems arise when several specialized maintenance companies are contracted by one Community and there is no single official spokesperson representing the Community.

  • Furthermore, the emergency repairs required are performed without applying the corresponding preventive measures.
Asemar, Administraciones y Servicios, S.L., relies on its experience in the MALAGA real estate market to respond to this latent problem which has been prevalent for several years , by offering the INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT of your Community as a new property management service.

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