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Quality policy

Asemar, Administraciones y Servicios, S.L. wants you to be aware of our Company Policy, which is aimed at assuring that our management and work system is to the full satisfaction of our customers.

By Customer, we mean any user of our products, services, or advice both outside and inside the Company. Those forming part of this company are suppliers of services and customers at the same time, meaning that we must meet their needs and expectations while being attended to in the same manner.

The basic guidelines of the Company Policy governing our actions are summarized in the following standards and objectives:
  • We work for our customers . We must achieve their full satisfaction by providing Quality assurance.
  • Our constant objective must be to offer work well done the first time around . If our work is well done our customer's expectations will be met.
  • Preventing errors will be given priority over the effort to control them.
  • Improvements in quality must be implemented and monitored in a planned and systematic manner. This planning and follow-up is to be based on objective data which is continually updated. This rule governs all areas of our organization.
  • To achieve maximum Quality, a cooperative attitude and team work is essential . There is no room for individualistic attitudes or a lack of concern for the needs of others in this System or in Asemar, Administraciones y Servicios, S.L..
  • Improving quality is everyone's responsibility . We must not depend on others to control us or to filter out work performed poorly.
  • We must pay maximum attention to qualifications and training since these are necessary tools for our work. Training must be ongoing, planned and aimed at Customer Satisfaction.
  • Communication depends on everyone involved . Adequate communication is essential to progress in improving quality.
  • Quality improvement is a continual process . We must make improving quality a habit, creating a high awareness level in this respect.
If you would like more information about issues relating to business quality, visit the following website: .

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